Amena's Sea Minerals

Amenas Sea Minerals Cream 100g

This cream could also be named Daily Boost Cream, as Daily Boost is the active ingredient. The most basic of our creams, sea mineral cream is a must... more info

Amenas Sea Minerals Hawthorn 250ml

Hawthorn contains 75% sea minerals and 25% Hawthorn Berries &  Carica Papaya. Hawthorn has traditionally been used for conditions of the... more info

Amenas Sea Minerals Nettle 250ml

Stinging Nettle is comprised of 75% Sea Minerals and 25% Stinging Nettle and Stevia. Stinging Nettle is a herb used in traditional medicines, mainly... more info

Amenas Sea Minerals Targeted Care Cream 100g

Targeted Care Cream could also be called "Ultra Boost Cream" as Ultra Boost is its main active ingredient. A fairly solid cream, only a small amount... more info

Amenas Sea Minerals Ultra Boost 250ml

Ultra Boost is 75% Daily Boost and 25% specially selected herbs.  Naturally balanced ocean minerals combined with a special selection of... more info

Amenas Sea Minerals Ultra Hydrating Night Cream 100g

A lovely soft and glossy night cream to nourish skin while you  sleep. This cream has high emollient properties to moisturise without leaving... more info