Fresca Natural

Fresca Natural Deodorant Citrus Fresh 50ml

Essential oils well known for their uplifting and mentally clarifying properties, this classic blend of citrus fragrance is highlighted with lime,... more info

Fresca Natural Deodorant Jaisara 50ml

Jaisara is the beautiful Nepalese word meaning ‘Jasmine’, which is blended with high grade Comoros Island Ylang Ylang essential oil. An exotic... more info

Fresca Natural Deodorant Ocean 50ml

Ocean will bolster your spirits with this fresh and alive fragrance featuring cypress, juniper berry and spruce essential oils. This fragrance clears... more info

Fresca Natural Deodorant Unscented 50ml

For those that just want a deodorant without the fragrance, this blend is enriched with high powered antioxidant vitamin E. Vitamin E is a fat... more info

Fresca Natural Deodorant Valley Rose 50ml

Using the most expensive essential oil in the world, Bulgarian rose otto essential oil (rosa damascena), gives this fragrance a truly romantic note... more info

Fresca Natural Deodorant Wild Lavender 50ml

Using the finest grade pure lavender (lavendula angustifolia), this is blended with patchouli and geranium giving the fragrance a musk note that is... more info

Fresca Natural Deodorant Wooden Spice 50ml

The concentrated amounts of sandalwood essential oil in this earthy blend is testament for a truly grounded fragrance for body and mind. Cedarwood... more info

Fresca Natural Hydraskin Elixir 21 Oils 30ml

Details There are 21 reasons to celebrate your skin with Fresca Natural's 21 Oil Hydraskin Elixir. The restorative skin properties of the complex... more info