Megaburn Blast Bar Apricot 60g x 12 Display Pack

Megaburn Nutritional Live Food Bar Blast (Apricot) 60g x 12 Display more info

Megaburn Blitz Bar Chocolate Apricot 45g x 10 Display Pack

Megaburn Nutritional Live Food Bar Blitz (Chocolate Apricot) 45g x 10 Display more info

Megaburn Breva Bar Berry 65g x 10 Display Pack

THIS HI-PROTEIN VERY BERRY BAR IS ONE OF OUR BEST SELLERS! Live natural nutrition for all athletes and individuals seeking the long term... more info

Megaburn Chill Out Bar Chocolate Peppermint 60g x10 Display

MADE WITH DARK CHOCOLATE, THIS 100% NATURAL TREAT WILL SATISFY ANY SWEET TOOTH. Relax with peppermint and chamomile after a long day. Each bar... more info

Megaburn Euphoria Bar Strawberry 60g x 10 Display Pack

MADE FROM REAL STRAWBERRIES AND CRANBERRIES. Fruit lovers enjoy this mix of strawberries and cranberries. This bar is a 100% natural vegan snack or... more info

Megaburn Performance Espresso Bar 30g x 24 Display Pack

THE BEST TASTING HI-PROTEIN SNACK BAR ON THE MARKET! Our latest bar to join our Megaburn Bar range is here, the ‘Espresso Bar’. This bar is... more info