Spectrum Herbal

Spectrum Herbal Cold and Flu Relief 50ml

Spectrum Herbal Cold & Flu Relief contains Echinacea, traditionally used to manage and relief cold and flu symptoms and helps fight mild upper... more info

Spectrum Herbal Detox Formula 50ml

Spectrum Herbal Detox Formula contains Burdock, traditionally used in Europe and North America as a blood cleanser and known for its... more info

Spectrum Herbal Digestive Support 50ml

Spectrum Herbal Digestive Support Ginger traditionally used to provide relief of symptoms associated with stomach upset, motion sickness, nausea and... more info

Spectrum Herbal Eyes Bright and Allergy Relief 50ml

Spectrum Herbal Eyes Bright & Allergy Relief 50ml Oral Liquid more info

Spectrum Herbal Sinus Relief 50ml

Spectrum Herbal Sinus Relief contains Hyssop traditionally used to provide temporary relief of mucous generated conditions of the upper respiratory... more info

Spectrum Herbal Worming and Parasite Cleanse 50ml

Spectrum Herbal Worming Parasite Cleanse Wormwood traditionally used around the world,  which have been effective for hundreds of years in... more info